The Hendricksons

The Hendricksons Demo

What others are saying...

“The Hendrickson’s delightful and engaging show combines heartfelt ballads, original songs and innovative arrangements of current hits that will keep you laughing and singing along.  Their unique comedy, relating to their life as a married couple, makes for a very entertaining evening.”
– Julie Valeriote | Cruise Director | Norwegian Pearl | Norwegian Cruise Line

“The Hendricksons. Individually, two funny people, put them together and their obvious chemistry provides a lot of laughs. They poke fun at the obvious and not-so-obvious things in life. From the second they walk out on stage you become a part of their world and you are invited to be a part of their club, which is a pretty cool place to be. As performers and in life, Grant and Sarah are on the money. Great people, boundless talent and an ability to make you feel good.”
– Matt Sole | Entertainment Director | Norwegian Epic | Norwegian Cruise Line

“Sometimes, you are friends with a great couple that invite people to their house for an awesome party… The Hendricksons are that couple, the stage is their house and everyone is invited to the party!”
– Kylie Fitzgerald | The Second City