What People Are Saying...


"Sarah, you and your colleagues blew the program away - super, super job! I hope we can get you back for follow-ups with future classes!" 

Wayne, Director, Academic Programs and Student Services, MSU Broad College of Business


“Schools are bombarded with assembly ideas, but this type of educational activity is rare! Here’s a group that comes in and works directly with students, encourages them to pursue their dreams, and then gives funding back to the school to promote more music—what could be better? The students are so pumped up after hearing and working with them that they get the community to come back for the evening show. Our theater was packed when Grant’s group performed. The students AND the community love it and the benefits abound. As an administrator with over ten years of experience, I strongly encourage other principals to bring this group into your school.”

Laura, Principal, Hudson High School, Hudson, WI


“Sarah spent twenty minutes talking to me about my career path after high school before the show. I really felt she was listening to me. She gave me some great advice. As for the show, I thought they were talented and really funny.”

Ashley, Senior DECA Member


“They possess both amazing talent and personality. From the minute I met them, I was blown away by their energy, charisma, music, and kindness. I attended a leadership activity with them and had an amazing time, further bonding with my student council. Their ‘amazingness’ was further shown through an interactive and entertaining concert. Even though the audience was small due to weather conditions, their show was certainly not lacking. It was the most entertained I had been in a long time. I would definitely recommend anyone, either young or old, musically inclined or just a music admirer, to see them perform."

Alexandria, Senior Student Council Student


“I found the speakers inspiring when it comes to pursuing your dreams in general. Their positivity was contagious and the way Grant started out sitting in the same high school classroom as us made success seem that much more possible.”

Kelly, Sophomore History Student


“In this day of dwindling budgets and music cuts, this is a great way to earn money, AND you get a free workshop for your students with no money OUT of your budget with renewed enthusiasm INTO your students.”

Shelly, Choral Director, Lodi High School, Lodi, WI


“Having Grant and the group perform a concert for our school and community was such a rare and amazing opportunity. They brought joy to Slinger at a time where many needed it. Our students were able to work with them one – on – one to improve their leadership skills, and all had a blast. This truly was a unique experience for our students, and we thank all of them for taking time out of their busy lives to spend with us. We also want to thank them for their generous support of our local food pantry. The students leave this experience highly motivated, ready to work hard to achieve their goals in life.”

Kari, Student Council Advisor


“I’m so glad I was able to make the concert! All of their songs targeted the audience, getting everyone to sing along and get into the music. Getting involved with the audience helps make them better performers because they literally got up close and personal with the audience making it a more personal performance for everyone. I highly recommend attending this great show!

Kate, Senior Choir Student


“The concert was amazing! I loved how you interacted with the audience. You guys definitely brought joy back to Slinger when we needed it the most.”

Melissa, Sophomore Student Council Member


“When they asked the audience to sing along, they didn’t just watch the front few rows to make sure they were participating but they looked all the way in the back of the auditorium to make sure they didn’t feel left out of the performance. I was in the front row and wanted to take a picture of everyone on stage to show how they wanted to interact with everyone. As I was taking a picture, Grant noticed me and I captured it in my picture. He’s smiling at me. This made me feel noticed by someone successful.”

Natalie, Senior Sociology Student


“I really liked the improv between songs. It helped them connect with the audience and made the show more fun.”

Cody, Junior Student


“It was a good opportunity to learn what it takes to be successful in the music industry.”

Keaton, Sophomore Band Student


Thanks for taking the time during your visit to sit down and talk to our kids in the “workshop” format at the end of the day. It was really interesting for myself, and some of my students, to hear about the business side of entertainment. The business and marketing students mentioned that they found the discussions on reaching your audience and designing shows to meet your target market very applicable. The common theme from all the students was “I wish we had more time”, so we look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks for all you have done for the students of Slinger High!”

Brad, Sports and Entertainment Marketing Teacher


“That concert was amazing. I actually had tears in my eyes during their Christmas songs. They were just breath taking. Bringing Entertain You Productions here was such a great thing for our students. The students received direction, advice, information, self confidence and a lot of laughs from those 6 awesome individuals.”

Linda, Music Booster Club, District Office Secretary, Parent of Student Council Member