One Vocal Band

4 Voices. One Sound. One Vocal Band.

One Vocal Band Demo

One Vocal Band is comprised of soulful tenors Evan Garry and Rick Mallory, smooth baritone Mark Miserocchi, and versatile beat-bass Daniel Weidlein. While each has their own unique sound, their four voices blend into one dynamic musical force. They have toured the world, have performed for thousands, and have even been featured on the hit TV shows The Sing-Off and Glee. With the goal of creating a vocal super group, creator Grant Hendrickson has brought together four of the finest entertainers in the industry. Their raw talent is accentuated by their genuine, down-to-earth approach to performance and to life. During initial rehearsals in Madison, WI, they became fast friends, exchanging musical knowledge, jokes, and good-natured ribbing, as if they had been friends for years. Their mutual respect, great personalities and love of performance shine through every note they sing together. With arrangements by Grant and fellow award-winning a cappella expert, Chris Chatham, choreography by the talented Erica Bardwell, and script supervision by Second City alum Sarah Hendrickson and Mitchell Fain, the show is packed with exhilarating music, movement and comedy that is fun for the whole family.

Covering classics by The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, The Temptations, Simon & Garfunkel, The Beach Boys and so many more, One Vocal Band brings new life to the universally loved #1 hits of yesterday and today. These four also love to sing a variety of medleys, from the fast paced (Michael Jackson Medley – Tribute to the King of Pop) to the irresistibly fun (Guilty Pleasures Medley – Songs that went #1 that you love to hate and hate to love). One Vocal Band covers contemporary hits by artists from Beyonce to Lady Antebellum and everything in between. If the song went #1 they sing it. Whether it’s from the Billboard Charts or on world-wide charts, this is music that the whole family will love, sung like no one has heard it before. Full of emotion, joy and just plain fun, One Vocal Band will bring you back to your best days by recreating the soundtrack of your life.

One Vocal Band serves up the spirit and sound of your favorite #1 hits and brings them to you in one amazing show that is unlike anything you have ever seen. So get ready to leave your seats and get lost in the music you love. Four Voices. One Sound. One Vocal Band.

One Vocal Band Full Promo